Thursday, April 9, 2009

Were Off!

 Spring, 1804
An exciting day it is! it is the day we set sail with captain Meriwether Lewis and captain William Clark. I have packed my bag to the brim. On this long and dangerous voyage, it could be fatal to forget something. I have been instructed to keep a journal and record everything i hear, feel, eat and learn. captain Lewis and Clark are two men very alike but so different at the same time. for instance Lewis has brown hair but Clark has red,  Lewis is a quiet thoughtful man while Clark talks freely with the men. they are pretty similar in physical appearances, both fit and around 6 feet tall. captain Clark is a talented map maker and is always mapping the landscape around them for Jefferson. captain Lewis is the botanist, collecting samples, leaves, bark and other wilderness items whenever he gets a chance.

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Captain John said...

Excellent descriptions of our two captains. This entry screams for a picture or two.