Thursday, April 30, 2009

J une 9th, 1805

June 9th, 1805

We have had a very serious decision set before the corps these last few days, there was a fork in the river that was not on the map that the Mandan's had made for us and we did not have the slightest idea which way to go. We sent out two parties one each way to scout for any sign of the great falls I was in a group with captain Lewis and from our expedition I can tell you with  around 80% sureness that the great falls are not up that way. but the men from the other party said the same thing though captain Clark seems to be sure that the river he followed was the Missouri. from what I have seen, I would like to go down the rive captain Clark and his party ascended but it is ultimately up to the captains though i do feel like I have a small say in the decision, I do like our captains way of handling decisions. The final decision was to go down the river captain Clark had explored, I am in full support of this decision I just pray that it is the right one.

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