Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Dear Captain John,
i am super excited! i just got to know my crew people and i am want to tell you all about them.

Alex: crazy alex! she is good with kids and loves to cook and be silly with her friends.

Clay: he can use a compass and read a map AND! he can tell funny stories so we will never get bored.

Amanda!:can cook all kinds of pies,homemade macaroni, play piano
 and do art! maybe decorate the ship?

Austin: an all around explorer, sailor and can identify edible roots and plants. 

Brian: can blaze a trail, eat a berry, play guitar and sing.

quinn: can tell us lots of old stories at campfires and is a very talented navigator.

jake: has got his sense of direction which will prove very useful if we get lost along the way

ryan: has a perspective all his own

morgan: is a very good cook and is good with little ones ( i.e kids)

andrew: the expert negotiator

gabe: poet!

evy: the actress who plays the violin

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