Wednesday, April 22, 2009

August 19th, 1804

August 19th. 1804

We have lost Sergent Floyd. we do not know the exact cause of his death but he had severe stomach pains much beyond any ailments we have had on this trip so far. In his last hours captain Clark was by his side. I think the captain knew his end was drawing near because he ordered us to steer the keel boat to shore so he could heat water  for a bath. But before the water was even warm sergeant Floyd told captain Clark that he was leaving and he wanted him to write a letter. There was no time, captain Clark didn't even have time to get his writing things before poor Floyd passed. We buried him on a high bluff above the river. We gave him a proper burial with readings from the bible, then marked his grave with a piece of wood. Colter carved the words "Charles Floyd died here, 20 August 1804".  Not far from here there was a small river which the captain named after the Sergent. We all voted for a new Sergent and private Patrick Gass was elected, I am very happy about this because I voted for private Gass. Though we all feel sad about what happen To Sergent Floyd no one in the crew blames them self about the death more than captain Lewis. We all reassured him he did everything he could but i could tell he didn't believe it. 

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