Thursday, April 16, 2009

July 4, 1804

July 4, 1804

   Last night two men form the corps, private Halls and private Hollins,  snuck some more whisky. But not just one cup, they had three or four, three or four each! that was an 6 day ration! They were so drunk that they began to sing and yell until they woke the captain and he shut them up. The next day they had an awful punishment. private Hollins got 100 lashes and Halls got 50. We tied them to a tree and each man counted along, private Hollins lost consciousness at 52 lashes. Then they were taken to the river to have their wounds cleaned and dressed.  And just because they had been brutally beaten they were still expected to do all of their normal work.

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Captain John said...

Sammie, you are more than a week behind. Last week we traveled from August to the end of October, 1804, and you have no entries from that time period. After the efforts of those in your squad and those in other squads as examples, your work is really disappointing to be honest. If I had to pay you this week, I would give you an F. You really need to pick up the pace or we need to send you back from Fort Mandan. You cannot proceed up the river with this lack of effort.