Wednesday, April 22, 2009

August 2nd, 1804

August 2ND, 1804

Today we had our first meeting a very large group of Indians. There were about 100 Oto and Missouri Indians, including 6 chiefs. I was very excited but not entirely sure how the meeting would go, we made sure all of our guns were loaded and we were poised just in case. I put on my best clothes and so did the rest of the corps. We had a box filled with gifts for the Indians from president Jefferson filled with  leggings, coats and beads. I didn't think that they would be very pleased with these but we had nothing else. When the Indians arrived we gave them quite a show by firing our arms into the air. It was quite startling and astonishing  to them.  Captain Clark presented his speech about how we wanted to be in peace and to tell their people not to attack us or we would stop traders from coming up the river to trade with them. They had prepared a similar speech saying they wanted peace all the same. I was relived when they departed because even though the meeting had gone well i was still unsure about the Indians. Captain Clark was pleased though which is a good thing. Later that day private Moses Reed had to go back to council bluff for he had left his knife there.  The moment i heard this i knew that he was up to no good.

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