Wednesday, April 22, 2009

August 15th, 1804

August 15Th, 1804

These last few days i have had some discouragement because the river you see seems to loop back on its self! On the 12Th we had a good days travel a whole 18 1\2 miles by boat. but when we got to camp that  night captain Lewis sent me back on foot to our last camp and it was meerly 974 yards away by land. Oh! and my suspicion of private Moses Reed was correct, he hadn't lost his knife at all, turns out he had stolen a gun, musket balls and gun powder and deserted the mission. When he didn't return captain Clark sent out a search party to bring private Reed back in. When they returned he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to run the gauntlet. Awful awful treatment, even though i do not like private Reed much it was still hard. But on the brighter side our genius captain Clark constructed a net made out of willow bark and dragged it behind the boat, it caught a total of 800 delicious fish!

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