Monday, May 4, 2009

June 16th, 1805

June 16th, 1805

  I am very worried about Sacagawea, she has fallen very ill, no one seems to know what it is but she has a burning fever stomach cramps and no appetite at all. I am afraid that if her fever does not break we will lose her, oh no no no what will little Pomp do?! how will we feed him. I struggled to keep calm I have really become fond of Sacagawea.  Captain Clark finally got her to swallow a bit of our medicine but I don't think it did much good at all. Then Charbonneau tried to tell us that he was going to take her home to the Hidasta village. NO! absolutely NOT! everyone was infuriated at him. we spent the rest of the evening tending to Sacagawea. we discussed how to make the 16 mile trip around the falls and back onto the river. I was barely listening though, i was too worried abut Sacagawea to hear anything no mater how hard I tried. I kept putting my hand to her head to see if her fever had cooled at all, I think it was cooling but maybe that was my imagination running wild, only time would tell.

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Captain John said...

Sammie, looks like you did some scrambling to catch up Monday . . . Good job. It was an action-packed week and you did it justice with your words and pictures. Vivid details, riveting emotion. Well done. Keep up this effort the rest of the way. No more being late to the boat, and you may make your contract.

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